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How Does A Geothermal System Work?

A geothermal system utilizes the earth's temperature to cool and heat your home. In the winter months, warm air is extracted from the earth through a series of pipes (loops) that are installed beneath the ground. A water solution is circulated through the piping loop that carries the energy from the earth to the heat pump located inside the house. Next, the heat pump concentrates the thermal energy produced from the earth and transfers it to air or hydronic system that is circulated through the building.  During the summer months, the process is reversed in which the heat from inside the building structure is extracted and transferred to the earth via the ground loop piping.

There are many advantages to a Geothermal system; by utilizing the renewable energy from deep beyond the earth’s surface, home and business owners can expect higher operating efficiency and lower operating costs.

At Source Energy Mechanical, our success is a direct result of our training and experience in Geothermal systems; we are confident that our efforts to focus strictly on Geothermal systems enables our staff to concentrate their expertise and provide you with the most up-to-date information when considering a Geothermal system.

Source Energy Mechanical offers sales, service and installation on all brands of geothermal systems for various applications including:

  • Residential – all sizes (construction phase)
  • Retrofit from conventional forced warm air to geothermal
  • Summer homes
  • Greenhouses
  • Commercial buildings

We invite you to call Source Energy Mechanical at (613) 266-9182 to learn more about Geothermal heat pumps and book an appointment for a free estimate.  

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